Music Spotlight: A Taste of Picadillo

Picadillo - Sol Ruiz - Rey Rodriguez - Miami
Oh yes, picadillo does mean more than your favorite Cuban dish of juicy ground beef (mix that ish up with olives, raisins, and effin’ capers). It’s also the name of a particularly alluring Latin/world music band we’ve been following for quite some time.

Led by singers Sol Ruiz and Rey Rodriguez, Picadillo meld timeless Cuban sensibilities with modern and variegated tones.

Rey was born in Cuba, while Sol, of Cuban descent, was born in Miami, but to get to know Picadillo, you must listen to their 2014 album, Las Cosas de la Vida. The title track makes me think of Buena Vista Social Club, a crucial part of the soundtrack to my life. So try that album, and see where it brings you (‘cause the second track is a blues joint, so who knows where you may go, as you’ll later veer towards “Mango Tree” and listen to Sol scat then switch to myriad styles…and then, even further, she’ll bring you to the land of tippy-tippy-ta on “Lindas Cubiches”).

Now, lo and behold, the band sent us their latest video for a new song, “El Manicomio,” which features traditional instruments such as a tres, marimbula, and órgano oriental.

Directed by Rafael Benito, the video’s filmed in Madrid, and it’s damn-well hypnotizing. Just delve into the rhythm and move to it with Sol and the impeccably-cool Rey. Let this be your new summer anthem, ‘cause summer ain’t over yet.

Make sure to peep those dancers at the end. And also those crazy-strong horizontals on the rails.

It’s a sexy, slinky, slow-burn summer groove. We dig.

Featured photograph up-top by Agustín Escamez Rambaud / The Art Valley. Styling: Anelys Boza Alvarez.

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