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III Points Miami - Maitejosune Urrechaga - Pocket of Lollipops
After years of witnessing a misleading view of culture in Miami — washed over by tourist traps, bottle-models, and bongo players at Ocean Drive cafés — the perception of this town is blessedly changing. A good part of that is due to the forward-thinking efforts of such festivals as III Points, which unfortunately this year got slightly blighted by Hurricane Matthew.

Granted, that dastardly storm was a scary potential, but thankfully it passed us, and the festival went on.

III Points - SimplyGood

All photography by Anthony Diaz

Yeah, yeah, there were cancellations, like the much-touted LCD Soundsystem opening-night performance. But hey, there was a fuckin’ hurricane coming. Understandable enough. SimplyGood just wants to give props to III Points, an important cultural force, meshing up a variegation of the local scene with compelling national acts.

We had hit-up the cats at III Points just before the hurricane, and Ross LaBrie, director of production, told us: “Miami is an amazing city in many ways, but one that tends to be very short-sighted. Whether it’s over-building with real estate or becoming an icon for bad EDM, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of foresight given to many of the projects that develop here.”

III Points Festival Miami - SimplyGood

“III Points,” he adds, “is a concept that fundamentally is based on showcasing homegrown Miami musical and artistic talent. Even as we grow and have the ability to bring in bigger names from abroad, our lineup remains over 60% local. Our plan was always a long-term one that was intended to be an incubator for local talent and one that would over time become a major driving force in the development and expansion of the music and art community in Miami.”

And Wynwood is the safe haven for this much-needed congregation of art, music, and technology, sweeping in its three-night audio/visual phantasmagoria, which also welcomed hours worth of hugs and hellos as this city’s music communities came together to celebrate something long overdue. Fellow musicians, artists, and fans still came to support the acts they jam to, intermingling with their friends, some who now even share the stage with them.

III Points music Miami - SimplyGood Media

Miami’s music scene is widespread and rarely comes together in a way where cliques and venues don’t play a part. III Points opens the avenue and the overall sharing and appreciation of the crafts — as well as the way they’re intended to be experienced.

Plus, good readers, III Points has extra programming outside the main fest. Look out for more, as the Basel animal approaches, here.

The featured illustration up-top is by Maitejosune Urrechaga / a SimplyGood + Pocket of Lollipops collaboration. Check out another creative entry for SG by Pocket of Lollipops — this one a whirlwind tale about drinking absinthe — here

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